Chimney Repair Connecticut

Allied Chimney offers a range of chimney repair services throughout Connecticut including chimney maintenance and flue repairs. Whether your smelling a strange odor or notice your fireplace isn’t burning properly, it’s extremely important to get it checked out as soon as possible. You may just need a good chimney cleaning to remove built up ashes and debris but is some cases, these can be indicators of a more serious problem. Allied Chimney is here to make sure your fireplace is running properly so you can rest assured you and your family are always safe.

Allied Chimney is experienced and up-to-date on all types of chimney repairs, including modern designs to original designs on old homes throughout Connecticut. Even though most homeowners only use their fireplace a few times a year, ash and debris build up when not maintained can actually damage your system, making your fireplace unsafe for function. We will not only make sure your chimney is working properly but safely operating as well. Proper chimney repair can also reveal underlining problems that aren’t seen through basic maintenance.