Setting up a company branding strategy for the chimney repair industry can be highly beneficial for many reasons. Allied Chimney has been in business for several years so we have tried many different types of strategies. Online company branding is one of the prevalent forms of advertising and can be very informative for customers. At the end of the day it is all about the customer.

The first step is to have a professional logo design. A logo can serve a lot of purposes for brand recognition. A company logo can be placed on apparel, printing, and work vehicles. When we arrive at a customers house and the work trucks are lettered with our company logo it gives them a sense of trust. Trust goes a long way when establishing all relationships.

Next, you need to have a well built website. The website must be fast, interactive and easy to navigate. A high percentage of customers are searching on their phones & computers. Hiring the right web design company to build your website can make all the difference. A website should be filled with helpful information pertaining to your industry. On our website we like to offer tips, discounts and answers to frequently asked questions. Here are a few questions that our customs ask us daily.
How often should my chimney be cleaned?
Can we remove animals from the chimney?

We strive to be the best Fairfield County chimney repair company we can be. In doing so we provide top notch customer service and satisfaction. Our team of technicians are all highly trained for all conditions. We first access the situation, then discuss the plan with our customer, then fix the problem. This is a simple recipe that works for us and our customers. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call us anytime.