Chimney liners are exactly what they sound like, liners that cover the interior of your chimney. They can be clay, aluminum, or steel material, and their work is to create a barrier between combustion products and the chimney walls.

They will protect the chimney structure from corrosion or water damage. You might wonder whether you need a liner for your chimney. We believe our insight will shed some light. Let’s explore some of the benefits chimney liners. Please consult with a Fairfield County Chimney Repair professional if you notice problems associate with your chimney.

Enhanced Safety

The biggest and most vital benefit of chimney liners is increasing the safety of your fireplace, home, and your entire family. Chimney liners prevent heat transfer to the combustibles in your home. For instance, an unlined chimney is more likely to cause a fire hazard if you have easily combustible material nearby since it will allow heat to pass through quickly.

Optimized Appliance Performance

Whether you’re using a wood stove, gas furnace, or oil-fired appliance, you’ll find insulated chimney liners a delight. Your local chimney expert can properly size and install a liner, thereby enhancing performance and minimizing energy use. Without a liner, your furnace might have to use up too much fuel to heat your appliance and contain the draft and condensation.

Increased Home Value

Transforming your chimney to conform to building codes can be a wise investment. If you’re to sell your home, you’ll significantly increase the resale value if your chimney has a lined flue. That’s the only way your chimney will pass a safety inspection check for the property transfer to go smoothly.

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