In todays age there are several things you can do to stand out from you competition. Some contractors want to be the cheapest, some want to be the fastest and some just cut corners. Fairfield County Chimney Repair specialists. Allied Chimney listens to all the complaints from homeowners about past contractors and learns from them. That is how we grow as contractors and as people. Taking either our own mistakes or mistakes from others and learning from them. A big complaint that we hear often is that contractors dress unprofessional and don’t have the company logo or name on their clothing or apparel. Why does this matter so much? Here are 3 reasons why contractors should wear logo branded clothing on the job.

1- Making Customers Feel Safe. When a contractor walks into a customers home a certain level of trust needs to be established. The homeowner needs to feel comfortable with strangers walking in their home to provide a service. Most contractors are very friendly, knowledgeable and charming from the start but does that make everyone feel more comfortable? Sometimes. Screen Printing a company logo on the clothing and apparel can go a long way with customers.

2- Company Branding. Having your logo design screen printed on your workers clothing always draws attention. Whether you are on a job site or out on personal errands wearing the company brand helps with name recognition.

3- Uniformity. Let’s face it not many people like wearing uniforms but it uniformity is completely different. As long as the contractor has the company logo on their clothing they can choose from a wide variety of apparel. Screen Printing companies can equip contractors with a full catalog of clothing to choose from. So even though employees may be wearing company apparel day after day you can give them options for different colors, styles and sizes.

We hope you enjoyed reading 3 reasons why contractors should wear logo branded clothing.